Nün Bangkok

In 2013 myself and my co-founder, Tom Shigeru Stannard, started our own fashion line ‘Nün Bangkok’.

Taking the best of both worlds (myself from Bangkok and Tom from London) Nün Bangkok culminates the light weight comfort with London’s edgy street fashion. With every piece in the collection designed and the best fabrics hand-picked by both Tom and I, Nün Bangkok embodies individuality without having to sacrifice comfort.
Both with backgrounds in the film industry, the brand’s style and attitude is conveyed strongly through Nün Bangkok’s fashion shoots with its dramatic filmic look.

The story doesn’t end here, we will continue to release original themed designs in our future collections that has got the true spirit of Nün Bangkok.

Shop our brand: Nün Bangkok (Free shipping worldwide!)
Like our page: facebook.com/nunbangkok
Follow us on Instagram: @nunbangkok

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