Top 4 Instagram Photo Editing Apps!


I get asked a lot about what apps I use to edit my instagram photos so I thought I’d do a ‘tell all’ here and let you in on all my tricks in keeping a clean instagram feed! I don’t believe in secrets because I think that we all have our own creative individuality and although we might share the same knowledge, we all have different takes on creativity!

I’ll take you through my favourite apps in the order that I edit all my photos in! Continue reading

How To Look Tall In Photos!

(Shot on iPhone6)

Has this ever happened to you? You get dressed in the morning thinking you and your outfit looks amazing – so naturally, you try to get a full body #OOTD pictures taken of yourself. Then suddenly when you view the photos, all the confidence you had earlier this morning escapes you and you immediately panic, ‘why do I look so short and frumpy?!’ Let me tell you now – it’s not your fault! It’s all about Continue reading

My Daily LA Travel Essentials

I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for a while now considering I’ve been traveling more frequently. At the beginning of my trip almost two months ago, I was unsure what to pack for my every day activities and often left out important things that I should have had with me. So here’s my list of my tried and tested daily travel essentials so you guys don’t miss out anything when you’re out and about! Continue reading

What It Takes To Be A Fashion Blogger


I did contemplate a lot about writing this article as I think that it is quite soon, considering I am still building my fan base and I’ve got a long way to go yet in my blogging career. But then I figured, when would actually be the right time? So why not, I’m sure all of you that have been with me this far would want to read this and as a thank you for all your constant support, I shall be sharing with you all my thoughts on blogging and what it takes to be a blogger! Continue reading

Instagram Top Tips! – How To Create A Visually Stunning IG!


Today Instagram has over 300 million active users accessing the site every month, posting pictures, liking and commenting on pictures, or simply just viewing and following their favourite accounts. This has created a whole new breed of internet celebs where anyone from anywhere from around the world can become the world’s local celeb for the content that they put up on their Instagrams. But how do they do it and what makes their accounts so great? Below I’ll be taking apart fashion accounts (of course!) and giving you tips on how to create a visually appealing Instagram! Continue reading