Confessions Of An Oddball


I’m sure most of us have come to notice that the common mental struggle for almost everybody is embracing who you are and staying true to that – even if people don’t accept you. I feel that everyone is able to relate to this to a certain extent and whilst it’s so common, it’s also not a subject people are proud to share and that’s why most of us continue to feel alone in this. So I’m just going to come out and say it – I’m an oddball, have always been and always will be. Now, how did I deal with that in high school and put that fact to good use? Continue reading

The Wedding: Part II ‘I Do’


So I’ve spent the past few weeks sorting through thousands of pictures from the wedding! It’s not been easy choosing just a few but I’ve finally done it. So I’m sorry for the long wait guys, but a lot of time and care has been put into selecting these photos as this is not a post that I want to rush! =P

If you guys haven’t seen the first part of the wedding series yet, do take a peek here first because I’ll be jumping right back into the story! Continue reading