The Wedding: Part I ‘The Prep’


So I’m officially a MRS! Thank you to everyone for all your beautiful wishes and for following our intimate moments on my snapchat. The past couple of weeks have been unforgettable for us and I’m just so excited that I’m able to take you guys through the final hours (in detail!) before we said our ‘I do’s! 


Our morning began with a beautiful beach walk together with our two dogs – Dot and Atlas. From the very start, we both agreed that we had wanted a small, intimate and a stress-free wedding – so what a better way to start than a casual morning together.


It was Dot and Atlas’ first experience at the beach as well so this was extra special. It was just lovely to watch them enjoy the vast beach and the beautiful breeze that we never get in the city. And even though the dogs weren’t quite done with the beach yet (they never would’ve had enough of it!) it was time to start heading back and make a slow start to our very busy rest of the day. From here onwards, Tom and I were not to see each other again for the next few hours until the actual ceremony.


I got to get ready in the main area which I thought was just perfect. It wasn’t until much later than I would find out that being in the main house meant that I got to watch the progress of the wedding being put together – which did not help at all with my nerves.


This most certainly would have been the most boring part for poor little Dot and Atlas! But they were so good that they both patiently waited for me to get all dolled up for the big event. Atlas of course, being much younger than Dot, needed some love and comfort so he ended up curled up on my lap for most of the prep.


Half way through my prep, my bouquet was brought back to me – completed! I’ve never been a huge fan of colourful flowers and green leaves so we had decided on a soft monotone bouquet. The significance of the cotton (which also appears in Tom’s corsage) is because my name Nün in Thai means ‘cotton ball’ and we thought it would just be perfect to pepper the cotton theme within our wedding.


Meanwhile – this is the scene that I had missed out on! My groom, Tom, and his Best Men all busily getting ready together. I love the fact that Tom and I have different perspectives on our wedding day that we had eagerly shared with each other at the end of the day.


The ceremony area was literally coming alive right in front of my eyes as the time was getting closer. This was when my nerves properly started to kick in. I started to see our guests wondering around outside and I knew that in less than half an hour, I was going to step out of that room in my wedding dress that has been kept a secret to my groom and all my family and friends for all this time. My bridesmaids started drawing the curtains so that nobody gets a sneaky peek of the bride.


[View of the ceremony area from Tom’s prep room]


And of course, if any of you had followed my snapchat that day – here’s evidence of me updating you guys!


And I was almost all ready! Hardly keeping my nerves together – all of my bridesmaids had arrived and my dad was there ready to walk me down the aisle. I could hear the chatter of all the guests outside and for the longest time I had refused to take a peek as I was too worried that I wouldn’t be able to contain my excitement. I started to wonder how Tom was doing and if he was ready and as nervous as I was. It was then that one of my bridesmaids ran back into the room, she quickly drew the curtains and said ‘Nün – Tom’s standing at the alter’.

My brain scrambled – this was it! And I couldn’t help myself but run to the curtains to finally take a peek and there he was – my groom, as handsome as ever.


…to be continued.


Stay tuned for The Wedding: Part II ‘I do’ and walk down the aisle with me!

Photography by:

Ko Watcharaworatham
Pom Muttaraid

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