Busy Bee


Because I’ve been so busy, I shall treat this article as a little update from everything I’ve been prepping for!

December 2015 is by far one of the busiest months I’ve ever had in my whole life. Sometimes I neglect reality when I’m scheduling my life and this is definitely one of those instances. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a breeze doing all of this in 20 days:
– Get my wedding gown
– Get Tom’s wedding suit
– Shoot Nün Bangkok Limited collection
– Edit and launch the Nün Bangkok Limited collection
– Shoot our 1st batch of pre-wedding photos at the train station
– Shoot our 2nd batch of pre-wedding photos in the North of Thailand (involves getting on the plane)
– Finish planning the wedding
– Finish hand-painting wedding gifts for 50 guests

And all the while still having to go about daily routines that involves shooting for the blog, doing Nün Bangkok stuff, seeing my parents, buying groceries and cooking, and walking the dogs.

But yes, for some reason when I was planning this, I thought this was all reasonable? The list is so long and ridiculous that it’s just plain comical to me now. But hey – it’s all good stuff that’s coming up though and never a moment that goes by that I don’t appreciate all the craziness in my life at the moment!

Thanks for following along and putting up with me going MIA every now and then during all of this guys! I really appreciate all your good wishes and your support that you’re all showing me. It’s truly so touching to see all the comments ❤

~Nün ❤


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Top: Nün Bangkok (Get it here)

Skort: Nün Bangkok (Get it here)

Boots: UNIF

Backpack: Chanel

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)


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