Top 4 Instagram Photo Editing Apps!


I get asked a lot about what apps I use to edit my instagram photos so I thought I’d do a ‘tell all’ here and let you in on all my tricks in keeping a clean instagram feed! I don’t believe in secrets because I think that we all have our own creative individuality and although we might share the same knowledge, we all have different takes on creativity!

I’ll take you through my favourite apps in the order that I edit all my photos in!

1) Pic-Tap-Go (for colour treatment)
This is by far the most underrated photo editing app that ever existed! Literally ALL my photos go through Pic-Tap-Go before I post them on Instagram. Personally, I find that Pic-Tap-Go creates the cleanest results in overall colour treatment of my photos and it doesn’t downgrade your photo quality either. I know that VSCO is the most used colour grading app but personally I find that VSCO downgrades your photo quality and makes a crisp photo into a ‘murky’ looking photo. I often can tell if a photo has been edited on VSCO.

There’s a small catch though, it’s $1.99 to install Pic-Tap-Go but I honestly think it’s more than worth it! I can hardly believe that I only needed to spend $1.99 for the best photo editing app and I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now! Definitely do give it a try!




[Before and after Pic-Tap-Go]

2) VSCO (for balancing out the ‘whites’)
Although overall I’m not at all a fan of VSCO, sometimes I do use it to help balance out the highlights, midtones and the ‘whites’ in my photos and take away the unwanted yellow/green tint. The one good thing about VSCO that I really like is that you can colour correct the small minor details in your photos without it affecting the entire picture. Do note that I only use VSCO after I’ve done my overall editing on Pic-Tap-Go.

The ‘before and after’ photos below are a little more difficult to notice the difference, but I’ll take you through them! Also, the ‘before’ is not the raw image but the Pic-Tap-Go version.


Before                                                                                                         After

For this picture, after editing on Pic-Tap-Go I realised that I really couldn’t get rid of the unwanted pink tint in my highlights and midtones. So I threw it into VSCO to tackle those deets! The highlights are the brightest parts of the picture (look at the blown out background) and the midtones are the parts you can see clearly (ie, bedsheet, my clothing, my skin tone) and you can see the both the highlights and the midtones in the before picture has got pink-ish tint to them, making my skin look really red. In the After photo the pink has been balanced out with yellow.

This step may seem very minor and almost unnecessary, but this is what keeps my instagram feed clean. This is because if there’s suddenly one photo that has a pink tint to it from the rest of the blue pictures, that one photo will throw off the whole flow of the feed. It’s the little adjustments to the one picture that keeps the whole feed together. I don’t look at my picture as just its own thing, but I look at it as a whole big picture of my instagram collage.

[If you haven’t read my article on ‘Instagram Top Tips – How To Create A Visually Stunning Instagram!’ follow this link to find out all about how I string all my photos together!]

3) Facetune (for selfies & flatlays)
This app for me gives close-up photos (selfies/flatlays) that nice finishing touch. I don’t do a lot with this app but I feel that just the little bit that is done is all that it needs.


Before                                                                                                     After

Notice my sunglasses in the both the photos. The after photo the sunglasses really ‘pops’ – giving it that HD feel.


Before                                                                                                     After

Here, notice the camera and the cinnamon stick. The ‘details’ function of this app gives my photos that ‘crisp’ look.


Before                                                                                                     After

4) Snapseed (for lifting certain details)
I don’t always use this app and this is because not every photo needs it. I only use it when a photo is backlit or if a small detail in the photo needs lifting (brightening).


Before                                                                                                     After

This process is not always necessary, especially in this case but it’s just my personal preference! I’ve lifted Dot’s face because I felt that you couldn’t see her super cute expression when she’s in my shadow! =P

That’s it guys! Please note that all these apps have a lot more to offer than what I’ve shown you! These are only my personal preferences of how to utilize them. If you would like to know more about each of these apps, just install them and play around! You might find something that’s really useful for you. Also note that these are my personal preferences on how to edit my photos – everyone has got their own style. The best thing is for you to find out how you want your photos to look and create your own visual creativity!
~ Nün ❤

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