My Daily LA Travel Essentials

I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for a while now considering I’ve been traveling more frequently. At the beginning of my trip almost two months ago, I was unsure what to pack for my every day activities and often left out important things that I should have had with me. So here’s my list of my tried and tested daily travel essentials so you guys don’t miss out anything when you’re out and about!

1) A Backpack.
I did my first few days in LA with a tiny little purse – what a mistake! By midday I had quickly realised that I needed a lot more than just my phone, wallet and my passport but there was no turning back. I had meetings and shoots throughout the whole day and wasn’t going to make it back to my accommodation until night time. So guys, make sure that you bring along your favourite backpack so that you can fit all your goodies and be a hundred percent ready to tackle your busy day!


Backback – Brandy Melville

2) Headphones
My whole day is basically ruined if I don’t have my headphones with me! Especially if I’m traveling alone. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sunny walks and car rides with my favourite summer tunes playing.

3) My iPhone & My iPad
Usually, when I’m traveling and on-the-go I don’t often carry my Canon 5D with me. It’s just really too heavy and impractical. I shoot almost all of my travel instagram photos and #ootd’s on my iPhone. I’ve really been obsessed with my new customized iPhone case from Snupped with the logo of my clothing brand – Nün Bangkok, on it.

My iPad is also extremely crucial for my meetings. I can travel with all my files and photos ready without having to carry my laptop! My iPad case is also a customized one from Snupped with one of my best fan-arts ever printed on it!



4) Sun Protection – Cap, Sunblock, Sunglasses
If any of you had ever been to California, you’d get me when I say that the sun there is brutal! Surprisingly, it’s even sometimes too much for me even though I’m from Thailand and thought (naively) that there’s no place hotter than Bangkok. The LA sun would prove me wrong on this and I had to quickly adapt to it. Harsh sun can be extremely unhealthy for you, so please make sure to be well equipped when you know you’ll be spending the day outside!


Sunglasses – LeSpecs



Cap – Brandy Melville


Sunblock – Badger
Badger is a small, family-owned & family-friendly company that produces products using organic plant extracts and is chemical free. We picked this up at WholeFoods.

5) Bare Essentials – Battery Pack, Passport, Wallet, Business Cards
I literally CANNOT do my day without these essentials. I did my first LA trip without my battery pack and by afternoon I would’ve drained all my iPhone already. I think we all look pass how much we actually use our phones on a daily basis. Here’s a short list of my daily phone usage when I’m traveling:
1. All day live Snapchat updates
2. Calling Ubers so I can make it to my next meeting
3. Shooting #ootd’s
4. Replying my work emails on-the-go
5. Calculator (working out currency exchanges!)
6. Calling my LA baes
(and this is just a short list!)

So guys, get yourselves a battery pack if you’re as busy as me!

As for the passport, I’ve honestly seen people going about their holiday with their passports back at their hotel room? What is that about?! Please keep your passport on your person because this is your only form of any identification when you’re away from home. Also, in some countries you can use it to get tax refunds when you’re out shopping (yay!).


6) A Hoodie
LA gets surprisingly cold (to my standards anyway) at night! The day can go from 35 degrees Celsius at its hottest point (this is where your sun protection kit jumps in!) to it’s lowest at 22 degrees Celsius in the night. Again, I did my first few days in LA without a hoodie to hand and I was always left freezing my toes off at night, roaming around the city in my summer clothes still.




Hoodie – Nün Bangkok (Get it here)

So that’s all guys! I hope you all have found that somewhat useful. I’d love to hear if you guys have other daily travel essentials that you can’t live without! Might give me some great tips as well for my next travels 🙂

~ Nün xx

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)


5 responses

  1. I’m always afraid to leave my passport at my hotel – especially when I’m travelling in Africa. People have had issues with theft, and I’d be screwed if that was stolen.

    Thanks for sharing! I love the way your blue hair contrasts with the white and black of the shoot 🙂

  2. I often wonder what organized people have in their bag. I need to overhaul mine. There are quite a few things I never use, and things I’m always looking for. Thanks!!

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