7 Top Tips For Everyday Positivity!

IMG_2574etI know that everyone can agree to a certain extent that staying positive every single day is a challenge for just about anyone. By nature, I am a moody person and have found it difficult to stay happy and positive for most of my life. Only in recent years that I have decided that my pessimism and cynicism do me more harm than good and since then I have been on a path to staying as positive as I can, even through the toughest times.

So here I am, as bubbly and positive as ever so I thought I’d share with you guys some of my tips on how I keep those negative thoughts at bay.

1. Look to people close to you for inspiration & motivation.
When you’ve got the dark clouds above your head, sometimes it’s difficult to remove yourself from that and see the positive side of things. I find that looking at the people closest to me and picking out their best qualities helps me get through things. For example, if work gets real tough, I remind myself all that my mum has been through with work to get to where she is, that no step of the way it was easy for her, but she’s here now and much stronger than she was when she first started.

Or if I’m having a particularly bad day, I try to pull positive energy from my more optimistic friends around me and learn from how they brush off the bad energy. Just remember that you learn best by observing those around you and that there is something you can learn from everyone that you know.

2. Stop complaining and start doing!
Complaining is just another form of procrastination or an excuse for you to not make a conscious decision to make changes about whatever is bothering you. It’s equivalent to you being angry at the things that you did not put effort into changing. Whether it be about turning up to places late, not achieving your desired weight goal, not having the job you love, or not being able to speak a certain language, whatever it is – you’re only not seeing results because you’ve not started making a start on where you want to be. Complaining is a behavior that I personally find extremely disruptive to my day as I find that when I complain, I am the one generating that negativity in my own life. It’s your choice on how you want today to go.

So the time next you feel fed up with your current weight – hit the gym. Fed up of not being able to speak a certain language – make a start, sign up to a course. Fed up of being late to everything – change your alarm clock and wake up earlier. Fed up of your current job – take up hobbies, acquire new skills and develop them. Make your changes today so you won’t have to waste another day being unhappy with whatever it is.

Your life is in your own hands. You can control it with a healthy mind frame.

3. Forgive and appreciate yourself.
After all the hard work of making changes to your life, don’t forget to take a minute – sit down and appreciate all your efforts and how far you’ve come. Making changes to your life is not about instant results, it’s about carving a new journey for your life and going on this long adventure with yourself. So if results are slow or if you slip up somewhere, remember that it’s not the end of the world! Don’t get bogged down in the slip up or the slow results, because then you’re being negative and unproductive, remember? 😉

So every now and then, give yourselves a pat on the back and acknowledge all the hurdles you’ve been through. Reward yourself with some positive thoughts about yourself – because if I’m going to go through all the efforts in spending years in bettering myself, might as well enjoy every step of the way right? 😉

4. What’s done is done.
Don’t look back regretting things, save your ‘shoulda, woulda, couldas’. Learn from it and move on.
Fixating on things you cannot fix is extremely unproductive to you moving forward with your life. The longer you complain, the longer you keep yourself in that state of negativity. Think about this, if you had quit complaining five minutes ago, you would’ve saved five more minutes of your day to enjoy the positive aspects of your life. Because what you CAN do is start fixing your day now by not ruining these next few moments that are about to come – with negativity.

5. Don’t ‘list’ the bad things in your life.
When you’re having a bad day, it’s easy to say that everything in this world is going wrong for you. But often this is untrue and all you’re doing is adding fuel to the fire and ruining your own day even further. The next time you’re about to list all the bad things in your life – stop right there. Why not cheer yourself up by remembering all the good things in your life? I know this sounds cheezy but it honestly works! It helps put into perspective that not everything is bad and it keeps you rational so that you can deal logically with whatever issue is at hand.

6. Surround yourself with positivity & BE the positivity.
Don’t forget that you’re not only ruining your own day with your negative thoughts, you’re also affecting others around you. So as well as making sure that you surround yourself with people with good energy, don’t forget to be other people’s good energy too!

7. Don’t waste your present, fearing your future.
We all do this. For example, starting at your new high school you worry if you’ll like the school, if you’re classmates will like you. Then when the time comes, you fit in fine and you like the school, but then you worry that you’ll all eventually go off to university, get separated. Will you find new friends? Will you like your university? Then the time comes and you fit in fine with the new crowd and you love the place. But then you’re about to graduate and you worry if you’ll find the job that you like? Will you be hired? Will your colleagues like you – will you like them?

What we often forget is that usually after worrying, more often than not, things usually work out fine! Which is a good thing! But you know what? It would have worked out even better if you didn’t spend months worrying about all of those things. All you have to focus on doing is making this moment count and working as hard as you can towards the goals that you are trying to achieve. For as long as you do that, you don’t need to worry about the future because you would’ve known that you’ve done your absolute best in that moment. And even if things don’t work out, you’ll still look back and know that there’s nothing to regret because you worked your hardest, tried your best and it just wasn’t meant to be – and it’s okay.

Just work on your present so that there will be no fears for your future and no regrets in your past.


That’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed reading that and maybe even found it somewhat useful! Or if you guys have any tips of your own, don’t forget to comment and share your thoughts below! I love getting new positivity tips ❤

Nün x

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)

13 responses

  1. Thanks for doing this blogpost 🙂 Although I’m trying to be positive but people around me seems to be upset about certain things, how should I make them happy? I’m so scared that my words will offend them because I’m never good at expressing my own thoughts. I really want to turn things around in this year but I find it difficult, it frowns me, I really feel too different apart from others.

    • hi there!

      if people around you are upset about certain things, that’s about them not being able to overcome their personal negativity. you are in no way responsible for their happiness because for as long as they are unable to change their mind frame, no amount of good deeds that you do will be enough for them. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness and so instead of them looking to you to do something for them, they should take it upon themselves to make changes in their lives.

      my family used to demand literally everything from me and I used to feel very responsible for their happiness. i put their feelings before mine and if i thought they were happy, it didn’t matter to me if i was miserable or not. then is started to realise that this was a bottomless pit, that there was no end to their demands and it wasn’t my fault. i was not the source of their troubles. they themselves are the only source to their own troubles.

      i know it’s very difficult to break free from what they have instilled in your mind about you taking responsibility for everything. but if you start to make changes to how you understand the dynamics of your relationships with them, you’ll com to realise that non of it is you. take this as your life project! that you will work towards being free from them emotionally and mentally holding you prisoner to their personal expectations. it took me years, but i can say that ive successfully done it and ive never been more free. free to think, free to live how i want to, and free to not feel like im carrying everybody’s burden upon my shoulders.

      I hope you fight your hardest for this! it is extremely liberating and you deserve it ❤

      • By writing a comment, I saw your reply there and it’s exactly what happens to me. I want to be the best person I can but I’m kinda stuck to please everyone, and I don’t get to same thing back. I always put everyone’s happiness before mine, thinking that I’ll be happy enough to make them happy, help them, always be good, never do a mistake with my relationships, that it makes who I am but right now I’m just tired of it all because I don’t think of me enough but I don’t know how to do it now, I don’t want people to be like “wow, what happened ? She used to be like this, like that”. I’d like to feel free but I know I’ll feel guilty.

      • Hi again lovely! I talked about exactly this in my latest blog post http://nunstyleblog.com/2015/12/19/take-charge/

        Just remember that your purpose on this earth is not to serve everybody’s emotional needs. You need to slowly start setting healthy boundaries where you canstill have healthy relationships with them but also a healthy relationship with yourself. It’ll be hard at first because they wont be used to you having boundaries- but stick with it and theyll slowly get used to it. This doesnt mean that you should always have your guards up and push ppl away – this just means that you need to know your own limits and that you dont push yourself pass that constantly for others. Good luck babe! X

  2. Thanks for this post, this is one I’ll remember, all you said is true. But I feel it’s easier said than done because I’m the negativity spokewoman.
    I wasn’t always that way but after things I changed for good (well, bad in that case). And I became one to compare to, always comparing what’s wrong with my life and what’s good in others (no, I’m not jealous, since I’m genuinely happy for people but you know what I mean). I can’t let go the past (aka better times) and fear the future as you talked about in the last point on your post and I know that I worry too much but things don’t end up fine most of the time, it’s the opposite. But when it all work out, I’m even more happy because I was expecting the worst. It’s like it’s a part of me, sadly… And I complain but I also say when I love things or things are good, I just say what’s in my mind, good or bad in fact.
    That post is helpful because in the start, you said you were the same and you managed to change, so there’s hope. 😉

    Happy holidays !


    • Aw that’s very sweet babe! And dont think for a second that negativity is a part of you! Bad things happened to you but dont let yourself be defined by it. Work very hard at this and once you come out the other side a positive person – you’ll have everyone who knows your story wondering and admiring you on how you managed to become so positive after everything! Plus, most importantly is that you deserve a happy and positive life! Merry Christmas and a happy new year babe! Xx

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