May with Bel

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 09.18.17If you’ve been keeping up with myself and Isabel on our instagrams, you would have noticed that we had spent the whole month of May together! So, I couldn’t help but document our antics throughout May because of course, a blog post is needed!

The first thing we came to realise within the first week together was the fact that we were always accidentally outfit twinning, even in our home clothes!



And it certainly didn’t help that the majority of both our clothes were either black, white, grey or striped. The chances of twinning were even higher! =P


Our mornings were the best. We’d wake up early enough so that we could walk the dogs together to get coffee nearby.


And of course, it isn’t a complete breakfast if we weren’t checking work emails and just enjoying each others’ company.

Dot and Atlas are always the center of attention when we’re out! Walking down the streets people are always shrieking with excitement to see these two cuties stumbling by. And sitting at our coffee place, kids are always wanting to stop to say hello and give them pets and cuddles.


We spent most of our days helping each other take photos and Bel would even come into work with me and Tom and help us pack all our Nün Bangkok orders!



After our long days, we would usually end up at the pool to cool down from the scorching Thailand heat. I swear I’m officially fifty shades darker than I was at the beginning of May! I tan so easily that even being in the sun for just half an hour, I’d already look different. But I think that’s what I love about living in Thailand though – going out and having full, long work days but I still get to come home and relax by the pool, getting proper holiday feels, even on week days!


Our days off are filled with girly talks and puppy cuddles. Tom and I had also successfully pulled Bel right into our world of video games! We couldn’t get enough of the newest Mortal Kombat on the PS4. And although in the beginning Bel swore she couldn’t play video games, eventually Tom and I struggled to win back our Mortal Kombat throne!




Without a doubt, the highlight of this month has been street food hunting with Bel! I just love that we crave for the same kind of foods and tastes. It was one of my worries before Bel got here that I wasn’t going to be able to show her foods that she will enjoy for her entire month’s stay with us! But luckily that wasn’t the case as Bel had quickly become a local regular at a few food stalls near our place and even venturing out on her own on some occasions to order her own food.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 09.17.12

This month has gone by extremely quickly and it’s been three days without her here now and it feels like something’s missing!

If Bel has taught me anything, it’s that the length of time in which you know each other does not define your friendship. We’ve only met each other twice before we did this month together and I’m already certain that we have made ourselves a life long friendship.


You can watch our ‘Roommate Tag’ here

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