Instagram Top Tips! – How To Create A Visually Stunning IG!


Today Instagram has over 300 million active users accessing the site every month, posting pictures, liking and commenting on pictures, or simply just viewing and following their favourite accounts. This has created a whole new breed of internet celebs where anyone from anywhere from around the world can become the world’s local celeb for the content that they put up on their Instagrams. But how do they do it and what makes their accounts so great? Below I’ll be taking apart fashion accounts (of course!) and giving you tips on how to create a visually appealing Instagram! Continue reading

The Next Chapter


Some of you may already have heard the news from my social media pages, Tom and I are engaged! We have been together for seven years and we are both thrilled to be entering a new chapter of our life together. And because I truly do live out my life pretty much on the internet, I have decided that on this extremely special and personal occasion, I shall be keeping Tom’s sweet proposal just to ourselves as a personal memory for just us to cherish. Continue reading