Declare Imperfection

IMG_7476etI feel so honoured to be a part of We Are Hairy People’s beautiful campaign, Declare Imperfection. It is a campaign to fight against the unrealistic expectations that the society imposes on us all on how beauty should look. That the more we change ourselves to fit that ‘mould’, the closer we get to be accepted and welcomed into this nonexistent world of their definition of beauty. But the truth is, beauty has no mould. Continue reading



So, I can’t believe I’m here again writing about yet another collection Tom and I just released for our brand, Nün Bangkok! It really seems like time has flown by since the Wild Bird collection and it’s even more surreal to think that we are now on our third collection.

The biggest challenge for this collection is the fact that we had to design for warmer clothes without losing our signature mesh Continue reading