Good Morning Vietnam

IMG_7110etWelcome to my first ever travel post! Tom and I recently traveled to Vietnam to attend our friend’s wedding so we decided to document this exciting journey to share with all of you!

IMG_6727et IMG_6731etIMG_6732etBefore we left Bangkok, our friend, Rohan (the groom) warned us that it was a little chilly in Vietnam so that we should make sure to pack some warmer clothes. Hearing this I have to say, I could hardly believe a South-East Asian country really could be Continue reading

For Wolfy

IMG_5951etetAs many of you may know, I’ve just lost one of my beloved dogs, Wolfy. Her passing was so sudden and unexpected that my family and I find it very difficult to come to terms with. On the evening of 3rd November 2014, she suddenly fell ill so we took her to the vet’s. There they took her blood sample for a test and told us that she had several organ infections that led to blood poisoning. The speculation is that she has been ingesting small amounts of toxins over a long period of time, resulting in her organs shutting down. They said that it was impossible to tell what the specific toxins were as it could be from anything as harmless as Wolfy eating grass. But whatever it was, we needed to stay focused on fixing Wolfy now and the plan was to put her on the IV to cleanse her system and that we would go back the next day to pick her up when she was better. But that very night around 9pm I got a phone call from the vet’s saying that Wolfy just suffered from a seizure and that her condition had been deteriorating rapidly all evening. They recommended that Wolfy’s loved ones should be there as things weren’t looking good.

That night we were all there and she was unresponsive throughout the whole time. The vet said it was because she hadn’t recovered from her previous seizure. We all hung around for many hours and eventually the vet told us to leave as we weren’t going to see any changes quickly. We all reluctantly left without saying much to each other. The shock and sadness was too overwhelming.

The next morning we decided to do rounds to visit Wolfy as to make sure she was going to have family with her there all day. First round was going to be my dad and my maid, P’Nunt and I was going to do the evening round as my sister and my mum had the afternoon round covered. But my dad rung me in the morning saying that everyone should be there right away and Wolfy was suffering from yet another seizure and it was becoming clearer that she didn’t have much time left. We all made it there as soon as we could. Wolfy was the same as the previous night, unresponsive. Not long after, the vet came out and told us her heart was no longer beating.

We held a ceremony at a nearby temple where Wolfy was then cremated. And the next day we all went together as a family to spread Wolfy’s ashes in the ocean. Although there are strong feelings of frustration, sadness and helplessness surrounding her death as we do not have any clear answers, the ceremonies that were held to say goodbye to our beloved Wolfy did bring some sense of closure.


Wolfy, you were our first puppy we ever brought home. I will never forget those magical eyes of yours that always sparkled with love and happiness. Thank you for being a part of our lives and bringing endless joy to our family. We will never forget you as no other pets can ever replace you and your extremely unique personality. Rest in peace now, my love.

Wolfy Visitsak (2004 – 4th November 2014)