We’ve been very busy recently preparing and doing a fashion shoot for our clothing brand, Nün Bangkok, new Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I won’t go into detail about that now as I’ll write up a proper article on the the inspiration behind this collection and the process that went into it later! It’s been extremely fun and tiring at the same time, but it’s good to be keeping busy on what you love doing! As well as working on our new collection, we’ve still managed to fit in time to shoot my outfit posts almost everyday and in the evenings Tom and I would try to go to the cinema and get engrossed in a good film! It’s important to still find time to wind down and do something else that’s not evolved around your work.

This look I would say is almost a revisit of my style that I was very nuts about when I first started blogging! My obsession with loud leggings went completely out of control last year and printed, crazy leggings were all I wore! Only at the beginning of this year did I decide to branch out a little more and curb my obsession for leggings but this look I would say has been fun to put together and I felt extremely nostalgic bustin’ out this look with these really comfortable Taberou leggings! It feels awesome to revisit old loves sometimes.

Top: Poprageous

Leggings: Taberou

Necklace: Shantique Designs

Body Chain: Element 7 Style

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell – Coltranes

Bag: Chanel

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard @tomshigeru





Silver Lining



I’m so excited about this blog post for a couple of reasons! Firstly, I’m really happy to introduce you all to my new favourite clothing brand called We Are Hairy People. They are a hand-painted clothing brand based in Bristol UK, made sweatshop free, uniquely hand-painted by three lovely artists! I first came into contact with them on our first collaboration a year ago. I was a new blogger and was thrilled for a brand to personally reach out to me. They were to be one of my first sponsors ever! We continued to follow each other’s work from opposite sides of the world and not long ago I decided to give their website another visit as I saw they have just launched a new, colourful collection. Immediately I noticed their new project called ‘Lifesaving Gift’, which means for every purchase of that item, a Lifesaving gift is sent to someone in need around the world. There is a drop down box where you can choose the gift that is sent, from malaria nets to tetanus vaccines. I had a lot of fun choosing which pieces I wanted, and what gifts I wanted to get sent out from my purchases. For the first time, splurging on clothes does not have to be considered ‘wasteful’ nor ‘selfish’. On top of all of this, their passion and energy towards their work is extremely refreshing and draws me to them as there’s nothing that makes me happier than to see people who truly love and believe in what they do!

If you would like to support their cause, you can head over to We Are Hairy People and look for items that say ‘Lifesaving Gift’ where you will be able to choose what you would like to get sent out with your purchase. Use my discount code ‘NunLife‘ at checkout for a 15% off on any items at their store! And of course, do browse the rest of their lovely hand-painted items as well! ❤

Dress: We Are Hairy People

Shirt: Topshop

Shoes: Celine Paris

Backpack: Kanken

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard @tomshigeru





Always Coca-Cola


I normally don’t shop in Thailand at all but recently I have found a store here that I’ve gone completely bananas for! It’s called DIY by Panida and the store itself is location at Thailand’s famous Chatuchak weekend market (AKA – JJ Market). I have been following their instagram for months and drooling over all their pieces until recently I decided to go and give them a visit! I left with six very unique pieces and I couldn’t be happier!

Also, this look is very unusual as I’m wearing mostly pieces I bought in Thailand! The shorts and the hat are also from JJ market (same shopping trip!) and my super cute Toucan ring is also from another unique Thai brand that sells jewellery to-die-for called Good After Nine! I really struggled to choose only one item as I wanted literally everything in their store! So, don’t forget to head over there and have a little browse!

Top: DIY by Panida

Hat & Shorts: JJ Market

Toucan Ring: Good After Nine

Midi Rings: Shantique Designs

Vintage Louis Vuitton Backback: Nasty Gal

Creepers: T.U.K.

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard @tomshigeru




Canary Blue


Tom and I have been extremely busy lately with shooting different looks and getting different exciting collaborations all styled up! With every look we spend time scouting out the location, matching the outfit to the background, shooting it, selecting the photos and then processing the selected photos on photoshop! It is a lengthy process but we have so much fun with every stages of putting together our blog post!

I personally am really happy about how this look turned out! This stunning Motel Rocks dress perfectly contrasts with the bright yellow background which is exactly why we chose this background for this particular look. I can say that this dress had instantly become one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe! It is extremely lightweight (perfect for scorching Thai weather) and its striking colour/pattern makes it a statement piece on its own, meaning that if I’m ever struggling to put an outfit together I could simply throw on this dress and that’s my entire outfit sorted!

I also have been completely attached to this vintage Louis Vuitton backpack that I found on the vintage section on Nasty Gal as it seems to go with absolutely everything I wear! I’m planning on switching up my bags for my future looks.

Choker: Regalrose

Dress: Motel Rocks

Denim Jacket: American Apparel

Platforms: Underground x Lazy Oaf

Vintage Louis Vuitton: Nasty Gal

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard @tomshigeru









True Colours


This look is really quite different for me as I never really wear too much colour! So to pair yellow on yellow is not like me, but I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. Because it’s so bright, I felt that the outfit lifted my mood and kept me feeling as bright as my outfit all day. Dress how you want to feel. So if you have a tough day ahead of you, dress in ‘happy’ colours and your outfit will help you get through the day!

I’m also really excited to announce my first ever collaboration with a Thai brand, Pomelo. They area a super fun and bright online street fashion brand, run by a team of extremely friendly, enthusiastic and passionate people! Don’t forget to check out their website Pomelo and take advantage of the deal that the Pomelo team and I have worked out for you guys! Get 300 baht off on 1,000 minimum spend by using code ‘NUN300’ at www.pomelofashion.com !!





Shirt: Pomelo

Crop Top: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Choker & Bindi: Regalrose

Platforms: Y.R.U.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Backpack: Nasty Gal

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard @tomshigeru