The Range Rover








I was extremely excited to shoot this look as I had only just picked up this awesome fringed jacket from Topshop the week before! I haven’t stepped into Topshop for almost a year, so when I did finally set foot in there I couldn’t refrain from buying almost everything I saw. A crazy retail therapy every now and then is healthy, I must say!

We did have a very relaxing time during our beach vacation though the skies did threaten us with rain storms everyday. Luckily enough for us, after the initial grabbing of our towels and running back to our villas, half an hour later the skies would clear up, revealing beautiful blue skies once again.

Jacket: Topshop

Crop Top: Topshop

Shorts: Topshop

Body Chain: Element 7 Style – Use code ‘NunStyle’ at checkout for 10% discount on all items!

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)

Beach Combed






So, recently I went on another beach holiday as my boyfriend’s (Tom) family is visiting from the UK. We stayed at our favourite beach resort in Pranburi, Thailand called Aleenta. It’s a small resort with only under 30 beach villas, which means that you never really run into any other vacationers. But what completely won us over about this particular resort is the fact that they are highly environmental conscious and do whatever they can to get involved with the local community, teaching the local children of sustainability and how to grow their own vegetables. I strongly encourage all of you who are planning a beach holiday in Thailand to plan yourselves a good few days at Aleenta!

But of course, beach holiday means ‘beach look’ opportunity! I recently bought these fantastical pants from Topshop x Kate Moss and I just wish I could wear them everyday! They are extremely comfortable and the flared legs play to my advantage as they help elongate my legs!

This look in particular is significant to me as it is the launch of mine and Element 7 Style exciting team up to give you all an awesome deal on their badass body chain designs! Use code ‘NunStyle’ at checkout on Element 7 Style website for a 10% discount on all their items! Grab yours before you miss this promotion!

Body Chain: Element 7 Style

Wide Pants: Topshop

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard (@tomshigeru)

Lonesome Road










So, it’s been a while since I have put up a blog post! I’ve been suffering from ‘office syndrome’ and have been battling head-splitting headaches almost everyday! The syndrome is a result of sitting for a prolonged period without sufficient bodily movement, resulting in inflamed muscles and tendons which can spread and lead to what’s called ‘tension headaches’. The tension headaches have been extremely debilitating and have left me feeling strangely ‘hungover’ the next day. So getting up and getting out to work or shoot a look has been almost impossible! I’ve been recommended by my doctor to get frequent massages to help loosen up the tense muscles in my shoulders and it has helped a lot! My headache attacks have been less frequent and less severe.

However, in order to keep the symptoms at bay, I must make sure to take breaks from working on my laptop every 20 minutes so that my body gets a rest. How ironic that I have always been so very grateful for the fact that, as a fashion blogger/designer, I can work anywhere in the world as I am not an office worker. So, to end up having ‘office syndrome’ is just astounding to me! I’m now trying to set new ‘rules’ for myself to not overwork, and to actually spend my weekends not working! It’s been going well so far and I hope to keep it up! In a few days I will be heading out for a much needed beach holiday and I’m planning on resting my poor shoulder muscles there and perhaps getting a few heavenly beach massages!

Hair Rings: Regalrose

Dachshund Necklace: Forever 21

Crop Top: Alexander Wang

Denim Jacket: Cheap Monday

Tulle Skirt: Topshop

Backpack: Vintage Louis Vuitton (from Nasty Gal)

Sneakers: Nike – Free Runs

Photography by Tom Shigeru Stannard